Spring and Easter Floral Exhibition, Baron Trenck Gallery, Brno

Zveřejněno dne 25. 2. 2010
Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs…
Many customs and superstitions are closely connected to Easter – the most important holiday of the Christian calendar. Some of these ancient beliefs have become such an integral part of our lives that they have survived in simplified form until the present, having been readily incorporated into Christian worship. For Christian believers, they represent celebrating the resurrection of Christ, for other Czechs, traditions such as giving eggs, spanking girls and women (being spanked by boys and men) with freshly woven switches, and bright spring decorations are rewards in themselves. 

Festivities at Easterside have a much older tradition, however, and are tied to the coming of spring – sunlight and warmth. At the Baron Trenck Gallery in the Capuchin Monastery complex, another inspiring floral exhibition is being put together, which will also take a look at some of the greater and lesser known facts in the history of Easter. Do you know, for example, what the colour red signifies on painted Easter eggs, or how many forms a ‘Judas’ bun can take?

Spring and Easter Floral Exhibition
Baron Trenck Gallery, Brno
27 March – 5 April 2010

Zdeňka Nováková
Článek otištěn v Kult 03/10
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Spring and Easter Floral Exhibition, Baron Trenck Gallery, Brno

Michal Prokop, Framus Five
Mohlo by to bejt nebe…
Dlouho očekávané nové album naší rockové legendy. Dvanáct původních písniček a jedna speciální cover verze. Michal Prokop ve špičkové autorské i pěvecké formě. Odkazy přátel, návraty k podstatě i překvapivé spolupráce.

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